Life Insurance Canada - Benefits

How long would your family be able to continue their current lifestyle if you were no longer in the picture? Nobody likes to think about tragedy striking and the impact it could have on loved ones’ lives but it is a real possibility you can help try to prepare for. Life Insurance is one of the Foundation stone of any sound financial planning be it long term or short term. Nobody wants to think of uncertainties in their day to day life. If you become terminally ill or die, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you could be helping to protect your family from potential financial strain when they are simply trying to cope without you.

Sabi Financial can offer financial advice on a range of affordable life insurance options that provide protection and peace of mind. The life insurance solutions can be tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your family, providing Life Insurance, Income Protection, Funeral Insurance, Mortgage insurance etc.

There are so many options for life insurance and everyone needs to feel comfortable they have the right level of cover, no matter what the circumstance. All of us are so busy planning our future and trying our best to fulfill our dreams like buying our dream house , dream car , starting a new business , making plans for arrival of a new member in our family( our bundle of joy) etc. The thought of purchasing a life insurance policy doesn’t strike our mind. The importance of purchasing a life insurance becomes very vital with every new plan or addition of a new family member. Life never works exactly as intended. Crises can strike anyone at any point of time and in case of premature death the financial hardships that will be caused to our loved ones is undreamed-of. No amount of Life Insurance can replace our loved ones but buying a Life Insurance will help you deal with its financial repercussions. Life insurance plays an important role when plans don’t work out as expected. Get FREE low cost insurance quotes online.


  • You can increase or decrease the face value of insurance
  • You can add additional lives insured (subject to their insurability)
  • You can substitute one life insured for another (subject to their insurability)
  • You change the amount, timing, and frequency of deposits
  • Universal life insurance is more flexible than any other product.
  • The cash accumulated in a universal life insurance account allows for greater wealth accumulation than taxed investments. (Conditions apply)


  • It is expensive as compared to other insurance policies.